kstar food and beverage - korean specialist in beverage powder for latte, chocolate, yogurt, soft ice ream, ice flakes, bubble tea and frappe


Ready to use by just adding milk or water.

The advantages of our powdered products lies in its convenient of use and ease of preparation. All our products do not require any other base ingredients or sugar. All that is needed is to mix our powder with either milk or water. For iced beverages such as smoothies, all you need to do is to blend it by adding ice cubes.

Premium tasting and quality beverages in 2-3 steps

We provide a recipe for every type of beverage you require. All you need to do is to mix the correct proportion of powder, milk and/or ice to concoct a premium tasting and quality product in 2 to 3 simple steps. Yes - it's that easy and your customers will come back for more.

kstar products preparation processes
Our Powder
Add Milk or Water
Add ice for iced blended

Hot Beverages

kstar-preparing-hot-beverages with our powder

Iced Beverages

kstar-preparing-hot or cold beverages with our powder

Smoothie and Frappe

kstar-preparing-hot or cold beverages with our powder

Yogurt Ice Cream & Soft Serve

kstar-preparing-hot or cold beverages with our powder



Chocolate Powder


Frappe Powder


Frozen Yogurt Powder


Ice Flake Powder


Latte Powder


Soft Ice-cream Powder


Gelato Cups




Bingsu Machine

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